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Junior Registrations Fees 2024 



Compulsory Canteen Duty
All teams will be required to provide one parent to assist in the canteen on game days for 30-60 minutes prior to a home game. They will be working 'back of house' assisting with food prep and will not require training. We will continue to employ the 'font of house' staff to manage the register.

With this role shared among the parents, you are likely to only do one shift per season, unless you volunteer to do more.


Fair Play Vouchers (previously named Get Started)

The next round of Fair Play vouchers (provides up to $150 per child to eligible families for payment of fees) will be open in February 2024.   

For more information visit

Once you receive your voucher please email to and we will send you a code to apply your discount online when registering. Alternatively if you pay in advance we will refund the voucher amount. 
Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for families/players who wish to pay their fees in installments. 

Ezidebit may have additional fees - please read the terms and conditions when applying.


Entering into a plan is easy, just complete the form via the below link and you are ready to go.

Once we have received your first payment, we will send you a code which will provide you with a discount valued at the payment plan amount which is used at the time of registration.  



Training Schedule is currently being updated



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